Book Three: Sacrificing Sara

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Sara Smith hates Sam Reece and Sam Reece hates Sara Smith. There’s no one in their group of friends and family that would deny that truth, but when Sam’s life is in danger because of a curse cast 136 years ago on Garrison’s founding families by a powerful witch intent on avenging the death of her daughter, Sara may be his only hope.

As Sara delves deeper into the world of tarot cards, witchcraft, and the curse in an attempt to repair her relationship with her best friend Beige, she’s shocked to uncover secrets in her own family history that connect the father she’s always trusted to Sam’s impending death. Will she be able to let go of her prejudices against Sam and his family in time to play her part in defeating the curse, or will she allow her fear of magic to paralyze her, sealing the fate of Beige’s true love and the town of Garrison?

Will Sam sacrifice the anger that fills his heart when it comes to Sara and choose trust and love over hate, or will his death be the result of his inability to forgive? Sacrificing Sara reunites the characters from Saving Beige and Revealing Marisa as they embark on the quest to put and end to the Denoncourt curse once and for all.

Book Two: Revealing Marisa

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Sacrificial Fortunes: Book Two – Marisa Goodman wants what her best friend Beige already has, a boyfriend and a destiny, but what she really needs is for the people she loves to accept her for her true self. Considering that’s an insecure witch with a major crush on the school’s most popular and morally upright soccer star, Ethan, she needs all the help she can get.

When her mentor, the town psychic, steps in and gifts her with an antique, jeweled athame to help with her magic, Marisa’s path towards acceptance begins to reveal itself through strange experiences during her spells that she can’t explain. Her mysterious journey exposes a hidden curse, an opportunity to help her friends, and her long awaited chance at true love.

Revealing Marisa reunites the characters from Saving Beige as they continue to unveil Beige’s destiny and how it connects to Sam, his family and a curse that dates back to the founding of Garrison.

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Book One: Saving Beige


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Beige Parker needs saving.  At least that’s what everyone else in her life believes. From her overprotective parents to her slightly judgmental best friend, it seems each person has an opinion about who she should be and where she should be going. Even the local psychic tells her she has a destiny and begins to secretly help her study the tarot, cards to interpret the future that she can somehow instinctively read.

But it’s only when Beige meets Sam Reece that she begins to worry she might actually be in trouble. Sam makes her feel things she’s never experienced before, even with her boyfriend Ethan.  He’s guarded one minute, open the next, and protective of her in a way that scares her.  He encourages her to pursue the cards and open herself to her intuition, but is Sam leading her down the right path, or is he the danger the voice in her head keeps warning her about.

At a time when she feels no one knows the real her, can Beige decide her own fate? Should she follow the safe advice of her family, or listen to her friend who wants to push her into things she might not be ready for? Is Sam really trying to help her, or is he the one responsible for dangerous situations in which she keeps finding herself? In the end, who will be responsible for saving Beige?